Monday, September 6, 2010

The Metal "Rainbow": the High Tunnel is Framed!

Very exciting news for the Community Farm of Simsbury and First Bloom Farm (by extension!): last Friday, a new high tunnel frame went up at CFS ! To paraphrase Anne, the CFS farmer, "when it went up, I thought it was like a rainbow".... I couldn't agree more, Anne. What does this mean for us farmers? Season Extension! High tunnels are essentially tall unheated greenhouses that allow warmer temperatures in early spring and late fall- perfect for growing at the extremes of our New England seasons. In the high tunnel, farmers have the benefit of planting directly into the ground in an environment higher than outdoor temperatures!

Flower growers use high tunnels for crops such as larkspur, sweet William, lisianthus and spring flowering bulbs. Break out the fall catalogues!

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