Thursday, October 21, 2010

Waiting for willows

This time of year is anything but a let down from summer. Happy to see the frost and fall, I've always enjoyed the beauty and transition that is fall. I once heard is said that people are attracted to spaces and places where there is a transition in landscape, and new perspective on viewing change from old to new, now to next. Well, here we are now, October, surrounded by the glory of fall foliage.

The fields are transitioning too, out of the summer site in Simsbury, my focus now shifts back to the woody crops in Northfield. Posted are willow pics from the field this time of year. In a few weeks after leaf drop, the stem and bud color on some cultivars will intensify, revealing the cold weather beauty of next.

Diggin' Dahlias!

The 'summer' season is officially over in the CFS field! Light frost descended on the field a little over a week ago, taking down with it the tender stems of remaining annuals.

Last job of the season is diggin' the Dahlias tubers for winter storage...until next year CFS field!