Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News from the Field in Simsbury

After another long spring of sowing, planting and cultivating...the first flowers are blooming in the field at the Community Farm of Simsbury. First Bloom Farm is fortunate to be part of the growing number of new farmers in Connecticut. In the field this year, we have had the wonderful addition of a serious deer fence and high pressure water connection. And believe me this is a BIG deal! More efficient farming makes happier farmers, who can spend more time on fine tuning their crops! We even recieved a little press about our CFS 'incubator' farming businesses in the Hartford Courant! Onward!

This year, First Bloom Farm will have over more land under cultivation, but won't make the 1 acre bench mark...there's always next year! The goal has been to produce more varieties, in more secession plantings. Secession plantings means planting the same crop at staggered intervals over the course of the summer season, ensuring fresh blooms until frost!

Fresh from the field are my favorites from last year such as: purple Queen Anne's lace, Salvia 'Marble Arch', frosted explosion grass, broom corn, green zinnia, dark dahlias, basil, celosia, sunflowers. 'Highlander' millet and love-in-a-mist. New this year and beautiful are: rattlesnake grass, deep purple scabiosa, scabiosa pods, verbena bonairiensis, cherry-petaled black-eye Susan, Rubysilk grass, corncockle, and more! New herbs and veggies this year are: purple loose leaf kale, tomatillo stems with fruit (they look like green/purple Chinese lanterns!), tomato vines with green fruit, more basil, hyacinth bean for pods and flowers, and ornamental black peppers.

Stay tuned!

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