Friday, February 12, 2010

Modern & Beautiful Willows for Spring '10

These pics are of the beginning of forcing for the willows harvested about one week ago on 2/4/10. Included are a few shots showing the variety and variation between cultivars.
Please contact me for sales availability . All stems are at least 18 inches in length, some varieties may be cut longer if desired.

Photos numbered top to bottom:

photo 1. grey catkins (about 0.5 in long), on purple stems with waxy bloom.

photo 2. typically catkins are black in field with reddish-brown stems. Here, after forcing at room temperature catkins shown develop a blood-red color with black tips.

photo 3. A sampling of willow shows range of color and stems shape.

photo 4. not for the faint-of-heart with beautiful flatten, fused stems culminating with a modern twist.

photo 5. Another shot of the range in color and shape.

***Still to come- close-ups of the small delicate stems and the largest of the all, with huge silver-grey catkins still developing at forcing temps***

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